Ivanov Victor


PhD 1990

Doctor of Sciences 2014


tel 939-47-56


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The laboratory of computer simulation of polymer systems

Associate Professor

Research Interests: 

Statistical physics of macromolecules, computer simulations of polymer systems, copolymers, stiff-chain macromolecules, conformation-dependent sequence design of AB–copolymers, computer simulation of polymer dynamics,

heteropolymer sequence design. Development of PEM fuel cells. Magnetic responsible polymer gels.


Research Associates

Research Associates

Chertovich Alexander Victorovich

PhD 2003


tel 939-10-13


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Martemyanova Julia Alexeevna

PhD 2008


tel 939-47-56




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Research Associates

Shamardina Olga Michaylovna

PhD 2012


tel 939-51-56




Students and Ph.D. Students:

Supervisor V.A. Ivanov

Alexeev Andrey Viktorovich, stud. 6th year

Astachov Alexey Mikailovich, stud 4th year

Vasenkin Vadim Valentinovich, stud. 6th year

Zablotsky Sergey Vladimirovich, Ph.D. student

Rodionova Alexandra Sergeevna, Ph.D. student


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Supervisor A.V. Chertovich

Gavrilov Alexey Andreevich, Ph.D. student

Guseva Dar'ya Viktorovna , Ph.D. student

Kos Pavel Igorevich, stud.

Markina Anastasiya Alexeevna, stud. 5th year